HGLRC Veyron30CR 3″ Cinewhoop Frame

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The HGLRC Veyron30CR 3" is a lightweight 3K carbon fiber Cinewhoop frame kit that is perfect for the 4S/6S digital FPV system.

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Package Contents

  • 1x 1.5mm top plate
  • 1x 2mm bottom plate
  • 2x Mold Ducts
  • 4x protection half EVA Foam Heizung & Nasen
  • 1x 4P cable
  • 1x Type C female
  • 1x Type C male
  • 1x Micro male
  • 1x round head screw M5*20
  • 4x round head screws M3*25
  • 1x round head screw M3*20
  • 4x round head screws M2*20
  • 8x cup head screws M2*7
  • 14x round head screws M2*6
  • 2x round head screws M2*4
  • 4x Round head screw M2*5
  • 2x M2*8 Nylon columns
  • 1x M5 self-locking nut
  • 5x M3 self-locking nuts
  • 4x M2 self-locking nuts
  • 4x M3*8 shock absorbing balls
  • 4x M2*4 shock absorption columns
  • 2x battery straps 15x200mm
  • 1x battery non-slip pad
  • 1x TPU black naked GoPro fixing mount
  • 1x TPU black GoPro fixing mount
  • 1x TPU black SMA antenna mount
  • 1x TPU black DJI antenna mount
  • 1x TPU black DJI Air Unit mount
  • 1x TPU black Receiver mount
  • 1x TPU black landing protector
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  • Brand / Manufacturer:HGLRC